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Title: A Study on Preparedness and Response of Oil Spill
Authors: Che Ishak, Ismila
Ishak, Nor Amira Liana
Mohd Ali, Nazliah
Isha @Isa, Ahmad Shahrul Nizam
Keywords: Preparedness
Oil Spill
Issue Date: 17-Jun-2020
Publisher: IOPscience
Citation: Ishak, I. C., Ishak, N. A. L., Ali, N. M., Ishaisa, A. S. N., & Ishak, I. C. (2020). A Study on Preparedness and Response of Oil Spill. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1529(3).
Abstract: This study determines the success of an action prepared at an oil terminal in Kemaman, Terengganu. The oil spill is defined as a liquid hydrocarbon release into a marine environment and mostly is caused by human activity which produces water pollution. The oil spill could occur due to the production of crude oil from shipbuilding, drilling rigs and spill from refined petroleum products. The oil spill could affect severe sea ecosystems, fish and rocks, causing environmental damage as well as affected human health and millions of dollars were spent on recovery and consume longer period to recover completely. In addition, the success rate of the oil spill is important which influences by results of the preparation and the response activity. This study analyzes three elements namely assets, human error, and response as the major contribution for the oil spill preparedness towards the oil spill response. 50 respondents from related government agencies such as marine department and environment department and team response members have participated in this research. The results show a strong positive relationship between preparedness and response at 0.857.
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ISSN: 17426588
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