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Title: Supporting role of society and firms to COVID-19 management among medical practitioners
Authors: GholamReza Zandi
Imran Shahzad
Muhammad Farrukh
Sebastian Kot
Keywords: COVID-19
job stress
organizational commitment
social support
perceived organizational support
Issue Date: Oct-2020
Publisher: MDPI AG
Citation: Zandi, G., Shahzad, I., Farrukh, M., & Kot, S. (2020). Supporting role of society and firms to COVID-19 management among medical practitioners. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(21), 1–16.
Abstract: Measurement of job stress and employees’ commitment are few of the admired topics in the corporate world amongst business writers. With a principal aim to trial the blow of exposure to COVID-19 patients on doctors’ job stress and commitment, in Pakistan; data have been collected through 7-10 min telephonic interview from voluntary participants and a sample of 129 responses were analyzed by Structure Equation Modeling-Partial Least Square (SEM-PLS) path modeling through Smart PLS 3.2. The results of the study indicated; direct positive & significant impact of Extent of Exposure on Job Stress while direct negative, significant association with Commitment. Job Stress also observed having direct negative impact on commitment. The Extent of Exposure-Job Stress relationship was also found stronger among group of doctors having Low level of Perceived Organizational Support and weaker among group of doctors having High level of Perceive Organizational support. Perceived Organizational Support showed a moderating effect on the Extent of Exposure-Job Stress relationship; while, Social Support showed no moderation. Researchers are required to investigate more and management of the medical services providers (both hospitals and government) needs to focus on doctors’ perception about Organizational Support, as doctors show no concern about the support from society as long as their well-being is cared for by respective hospitals. This study is an effort to stimulate more empirical evidence towards the treating and handling of COVID-19 patients and the psychological well-being of doctors.
ISSN: 16617827
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