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metadata.conference.dc.title: Development of Control System for Dual NC Machine with Single 6-Axis Robot
metadata.conference.dc.contributor.*: Mohd Aliff
Abdul Halim Hamdi
Ismail Yusof, Nor Samsiah
metadata.conference.dc.subject: NC machine
Vision system
PLC controller 23-Jan-2020
metadata.conference.dc.description.abstract: NC machine now widely used in industry especially in cutting process. It is precision cutting machine but however the effectiveness of this machine is less effective because it used manual handling to operate. For manual handling, it has many factors that affect the performance of the NC machine. This paper is about to developed of control system for dual NC machine with single 6-axis robot and it is important for further analysis regarding the performance of the machine. 6-axis robot commonly used because it can perform wider of flexibility. To design this system, it consists of integration of multiple controllers and image processing and algorithm for vision is required to differentiate before and after products. A design of automation system must be effective for a better result. This system is served for two NC machine with single 6 axis robot. From the result obtained from this research it showed that by having this system can increase the NC machine rate from 60% to 75% and by developed an automation system shall increase the machine rate into maximum ability of the machine.
metadata.conference.dc.identifier.issn: 2278-3075 International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE)
metadata.conference.dc.conference.year: 2019
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