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dc.contributor.authorNahdatul Akma Ahmad-
dc.contributor.authorMohamad Hafiz Che Hamid-
dc.contributor.authorAzaliza Zainal-
dc.contributor.authorZirawani Baharum- MITEC)-
dc.description.abstractArtificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), Chatbot, Instant Messaging, Pattern Matching.The UNISEL Bot system was developed for helping marketing department in order to help on giving information in interactive mode for marketing purpose. The current problem is the information are not served in interactive ways, manually serving information using portal and paper are complicated and there is no real-time customer support to help on question and answer. In the era of technology, the information should be served in an interactive platform. The interactive information tends to gather more user attention. Therefore, this project aims to develop marketing assistant Chatbot system for a private academic institution which known as UNISEL Bot. The Chatbot system development is expected to assist the marketing department to use smarter marketing and interactive ways, for instance; to receive FAQs from student and provide real-time feedback whilst encourage people to engage with latest technology. Agile methodology was used in the development of this Chatbot system. Qualitative data gathering using interview method with students and University staffs was implemented. Multiple diagram is presented in this paper to describe the process flow of UNISEL Bot system. UNISEL Bot system was made up of seven main modules including the Ask Question, Feedback, Registration, Event, Appointment, Survey and Map. In future, this Chatbot system can work effectively to replace the traditional method of manual customer service and can also helping people in capturing user data for building analytic data.en_US
dc.subjectArtificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML)en_US
dc.subjectInstant Messagingen_US
dc.subjectPattern Matchingen_US
dc.conference.nameInternational Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE)en_US
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