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Title: Influence of Machining Parameters in Near-Dry Milling of Aluminium Alloy 7075-T6
Authors: Yazid, MZA.
Zainol, Azreen
Mustapaha, A.M.
Keywords: Machining Parameters
Tool Life
Surface Roughness
Aluminum Alloy 7075-T6
Near-Dry Machining
Issue Date: 16-Nov-2019
Abstract: The paper presents the findings of the experimental work to assess the influence of machining parameters towards cutting tool life and machined surface roughness in milling aluminum alloy 7075-T6 at high cutting speed under near-dry machining. An eight-run experiment was designed according to full factorial design based upon two levels of cutting speed (500 m/min, 600 m/min), feed rate (0.12 mm/tooth, 0.15 mm/tooth), and axial depth of cut (1.40 mm, 1.70 mm) and then analyzed employed ANOVA to determine the significant machining parameters. The cutting tool life and machined surface roughness were assigned by the rejection criterion of tool flank wear in the milling operation. The optical microscope and portable surface roughness tester were applied to analyse tool wear and average surface roughness value. Cutting speed and feed rate were significantly contributing to the tool life and surface roughness. The longest tool lifespan of 18.25 minutes and lowest surface roughness value of 0.569 μm were obtained at a speed of 500 and 600 m/min, respectively, with a low combination of the rest of parameter which are 0.12 mm/tooth and 1.40 mm.
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