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metadata.fyp-miit.dc.title: Flying Robot Surveyor (To Develop FRS Control System)
metadata.fyp-miit.dc.contributor.*: Mohd Azwan Abd Aziz 29-May-2013
metadata.fyp-miit.dc.description.abstract: Quadcopter technology has been introduced over the years. It is able to fly and landing without human support. Quadcopter’s take off was done by using four motors. Therefore, it does not require a complex structure and easy to control. Withmany improvements in terms of the electric motor and the battery life, it can beimplemented so the quadcopter can fly further high. Quadcopter do not require mechanical linkages to vary the rotor blade pitch angle as they spin. This simplifiesthe design and maintenance of the vehicle. The use of four motors allows eachindividual motor to have a smaller diameter than the equivalent helicopter rotor,allowing them to possess less kinetic energy during flight. This reduces the damagecaused should the motors hit anything. For small-scale UAVs, this makes thevehicles safer for close interaction. Some small-scale quadcopter have frames thatenclose the motors, permitting flights through more challenging environments, withlower risk of damaging the vehicle or its surroundings. Take a lesson from this case,this quadcopter then is made of styrofoam.This project is concerned about thequadcopter’s ability to resist strong winds, the effectiveness of capturing andrecording images from views that could not be attained by human. This quadcopter iscontrolled by Turnigy9X 9CH Transmitter with Module & 8 channel receiver. Thisreport described the control system and robot programming. The motors andpropellers for the quadcopter were used as the power system for the robot. The LipoPower Pack was used as the power source for the robot. The brain of the robot wasthe MultiWiiPRO Flight Controller with MTK GPS Module. Several numbers ofsensors were used such as gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer, and magnetometer.A complementary of four units brushless speed controller turning was applied to getideal lift of quadcopter to hover in the air with good stability. The quadcopter hasbeen successfully constructed and it was able to perform aerial surveillanceoperation by using the on board wireless CCTV camera. All the objectives of thisproject were fully accomplished.
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