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metadata.fyp-miit.dc.title: Heart Rate Monitor
metadata.fyp-miit.dc.contributor.*: Norish Mohd Sarife 29-May-2013
metadata.fyp-miit.dc.description.abstract: This project consists of two subsystems, which are hardware system and software system. Basically, the hardware system consists of microcontroller and other electronic circuits for detecting the heart pulse rate. The heart pulse rate scanning is base on the use of LDR sensitivity. The PIC will be able to detect the pulse change, counting the pulse per minute, send to PC through serial data communication and also display the actual status on LCD. The software system consists of application program that connect and receive data through serial, display the result per minute and heart rate status information with data logging capabilities. There are a number of methods that can be used to detect the presence of the heart pulse. For example, the ECG wave can be used to produce a synchronized pulse corresponding to each beat of the heart. Other techniques utilize pressure differentials due to the pulse or optical methods that cause the pressure pulse to interfere with a light beam. This project using super bright red LED. The LED is use as the transmitter and the LDR is use as the receiver. Once the circuit is given a 5 Volt DC supply, The LED will continuously flash red light onto the LDR surface. This indicates that the circuit works and after programming the PIC it can produce output for Heart Rate measurement. The last part of this project is to design and develop Human Machine Interface (HMI) running on windows base platform with the capability to display the heart beat pulse signal (digital) and the heart beat pulse per minute with normal and abnormal status information. This project is done for the use as a future reference for those who want to do a research on heart rate monitor system.
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