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metadata.fyp.dc.title: THE ACCIDENT FACTORS AMONG FISHERMEN A Case Study in Zone I South of Manjung
metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: MUHAMMAD ZULFIKRY BIN HASHIM, 56212216060 Jul-2018
metadata.fyp.dc.publisher: MOHAMMAD AZAM RUSLI
metadata.fyp.dc.relation.ispartofseries: BMO-JUL-18-21;
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: Generally, fisherman knew as a person that involves into fisheries activities. He or she engages in fishing and make that fishing activity as an occupation or for living and sport. According to Sastrawidjaya (2002) in Fargomeli (2014), fishermen are people who earn money from sea activities. Fishermen are important in the development of the economy. Fish is an important source of nutrients for the poor and being the cheapest form of animal protein and trade. According to the (Omar & Chhachhar, 2012), fishermen are playing crucial roles in developing a countries' economy because they bring a source of animal protein as well as fish product in the country. Fishermen also helping in rural development by creating employment opportunities. Any job in this world may have their own risk. So for fishermen, there are many risks that might be disturbing them to perform well on their duties. For example, they might face a bad weather when doing their job. The risks on their job may cause the accident in the workplace. (Allnutt, 2002) stated that accident on the workplace is defined as unplanned and uncontrolled events in which the action or reaction of an object or person results in personal injury or fatal.
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