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metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: NURUL FATINI BT JEFFRI
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: The Development of 0.5m Submarine Model had been chosen as the title of our final year project. A submarine is generally a watercraft that has an ability to operate underwater. The submarines in the world are mostly built for military use or for war. Submarines are barely seen as part of the maritime industry as it is not widely used. We do not usually see submarines made into something like a memento or even sold as gift or souvenirs. Submarine models clearly have a limited commercial maybe because it is more difficult to create a submarine model than ship or boat models. So, we take the challenge to construct a submarine model suitable as a memento to be sold or given to guests in any special occasion. The Development of 0.5m Submarine Model started with collecting data which was taking the dimensions from existing model to be made as a reference. Then, the dimensions taken were rescaled and transferred into a 3D design using AutoDesk Inventor. The design was then transferred into drawing format for cutting of wood. The parts that had been cut were combined and layered with other materials such as resin and cement. After that is the mold making process. The model that was made from the combined parts was divided by two sides. The first side was layered with gelcoat and after the gelcoat dried or hardened, it was then layered with four layers of fiberglass with resin that was mixed with catalyst. The mold was taken out from the first model after the layers of fiberglass hardened. This step was repeated for the other side. A thin layer of gelcoat was applied into the mold and after it dried up, it was layered fiberglass with resin mixed with catalyst and let hardened. An amount of mixed resin and catalyst was poured into the mold to occupy the space in it and left hardened then taken out of the mold. This step was done with both side of mold. Both sides that had been taken out from mold were then combined. The flaws seen were covered with cement. The final step was the finishing. The product model produced from the mold was sprayed with primer for the first layer then sprayed with selected colors and finished it with clear spray. The model is displayed in a display box making it looks suitable to be made as a memento or gift to be given on a special event
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