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Title: Development of Motorcycle Tracker Using Gps and Gsm
Authors: Pengiran Mohd Huszaizzi bin Pengiran Hussin
Diploma of Engineering Technology in Telecommunication
Issue Date: 10-Apr-2018
Abstract: This project name is Motorcycle Trackers or MOTRAX which is the commercials name, where users can use their smartphone to track their motorcycle. This system is developed to upgrade the motorcycle safety system that use the motorcycle key and others old security system. Users always worry leaving their motorcycle outside and bookie. To develop this system, the tools used are Arduino UNO R3, GSM/GPRS SIM 900 shield, USB booster cable (DC5V to DC9V), Relay Module 2 Channels 5V, 12V to 5V 3A 15W stepdown converter dual USB port, Alarm External Siren Horn, Power Bank 20000 mAh, MPU 6050 Accelerometer + Gyroscope, Smartphone, Motorcycle LC135, GPS GY-NEO-6M-V2 Module and Simcard. This system can be activated by using the power from the Power Bank which is the power source of this device. The project is developed by using a GPS system and GSM system. The system is also design to prevent thefts that always happens at our society and surroundings us.
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