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metadata.fyp-miit.dc.contributor.*: ABDUL RAHIM, MOHAMAD ISKANDAR DZULKARNAEN 2-Mar-2018
metadata.fyp-miit.dc.description.abstract: Nowadays, online games are interactive competitions by individual players who compete in a virtual environment. Response time, latency and predictable are the keys to winning the games. But, not all players getting a satisfy result, especially for those who use a hotspot device or mobile broadband as their primary Internet for gaming. There are a few issues happen when connected to the commercial network from the ISP such as a congested traffic happened in network around the location, or “hot” and “cool” peak hour which lead unpredictable performance and may causing a “Lag” during gaming. This project is to develop and built an experimental network of virtualized VPN on the virtual private server. VPN works not only to secures the user computer’s internet connection from attacker or anonymous, but it also reduce the traffic and used to avoid the congested network happen in the commercial network. This VPN are built based on Debian on the virtual private server with an OpenVPN application. Finally, we hope that VPN will be able to help user or gamer to experience a better gaming environment that before
metadata.fyp-miit.dc.fyp.semester: July 2017
metadata.fyp-miit.dc.fyp.course: Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons.) in Networking Systems
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