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metadata.fyp.dc.title: Development of Regulated Water Level using Ultrasonic Sensor
metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: Tuan Ahmad Syahir bin Tuan Mohd Rosli
Diploma of Engineering Technologies in Electrical and Electronic 11-Oct-2017
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: This project is Development of Regulated Water Level Using Ultrasonic Sensor. Most common problem that we can detect is during drought season water evaporates so fast, so the water level in the tank will fall to a critical level, making it harder to keep the water at the normal level, they will have to fill the tank back with water frequently. This project is about ultrasonic sensor that will measure the distance of the water. This project is about fill the water in the pond fish farmers for the purpose to keep the water at the normal. Since the demand for fish today are very high so many company took this opportunity to open their business. However, there are some challenges they have to go through in this business. For example, to keep the water level in pond at a normal level. So, this project is designed to facilitate farmers in maintaining water level in the pond. The project is designed using our own arduino circuit as a control centre that will control relay, buzzer, water pump and display. We use an ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance between the fixed position of the ultrasonic sensor and the surface of the water. When the surface reaches minimum distance the circuit will turn off the water pump motor and the buzzer will make beep sound. If the water reaches a critical level the pump will turn on and the buzzer will make noisy sound for a warning sign.
metadata.fyp.dc.description: Top 20
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