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metadata.fyp.dc.title: Gesture Vocalizer for Deaf & Mute People Interaction
metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: Nur Hidayah binti Zulfakha
BET Data Communications 11-Oct-2017
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: One of the most common problems that in our society faces are people that are born with disabilities are finding it hard to come up with the fast growing technology. The access to a communication technology has become an important for the handicapped people in their daily live. Generally deaf and dumb people are use sign language for communication but they find the difficulty in communicating with others who do not understand the sign language. A sign language is an expression to express something in a sign language that can be understood by the disabilities people only and it is a natural way for communication between normal and deaf people, conceded a hand gesture. Therefore, a translator is needed to interpret the sign language to understand and make it easy to communicate with us. Thus, it required more cost to hired an interpreter. The whole idea is to build a communication system that are enables the communications between the disabilities people in speech-hearing impaired and a normal person. Overall, the dumb and mute people will make a sign language gesture then a translation system will translate the sign language gesture to speech and text hence makes the communication between normal person and deaf and mute people easier. To solve the problem of interaction between disable and normal people interaction, a digital vocalizer is being propose in this project. It is a social initiative project that aims to help people who are speech and hearing impaired, by facilitating them a prototype of electronic device to have a better communication with the outsider. From the British Deaf Society, it is estimated that there are about 9.1 billion people in the world who are deaf and are have hearing problems. In their daily life, they had to face a lot of problems while trying to communicate with society. Generally, the deaf and ones who have speech impairments use sign language to communicate, but they find it is difficult to had a communication with others who do not understand the sign language. Sign language relies on the sign patterns. There are varies type of sign language that had been using around the world with its own meaning, such as body language, orientation and movements of the arm and fingers. It is to make sure the information is delivered between people. To overcome this problem, the student had developing an electronic device that able to translate sign language into speech in order to facilitate an easy communication between the mute and deaf and the general public. Keywords: Vocalizer, speech and hearing impaired, mute and deaf, hand gesture, sign language
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