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Title: Design And Fabricate Simple Harmonic Drum Cam Using 4 - Axis CNC Milling Machine
Authors: Zainol, Farah Salwani
Issue Date: 13-Apr-2017
Abstract: The project deals with design and fabrication of drum cam and follower system by simple harmonic motion. The drum cam is used for small machines like workshop, automatic machinery with control parameters. This system mainly for rotational motion into linear motion, also system is very simple because of moving parts very less when compare with other systems. The optimization of the contour of a drum cam by choosing the eccentricity of follower and the radius of base circle of cam and the simulation of the working process of the cam mechanism. The experiment includes the designation of the drum cam using simple harmonic motion. The design of the drum cam use Solid Works 2014 software then transfer the design to Master Cam software to produce the G Code. Finally, practical information for exporting drum cam contour data (code) from Master Cam environment in data format necessary for CNC Milling Machine 4 axis part program generation is discussed, considering CNC controllers using the most widespread ISO type program format and contouring with linear interpolation. The work piece will be fabricated by using CNC Milling Machine 4 Axis. The fabrication and experiments are carried out successfully and the inferences are found to be useful and coinciding with standard trends Keywords: Simple Harmonic Motion, Master Cam, CNC Milling 4-axis, Drum Cam.
Description: Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons.) in Machine Tools Manufacturing
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