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dc.contributor.authorFaridzal bin Fadzaauny-
dc.contributor.authorBachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons) in Electronics-
dc.descriptionTop 20en_US
dc.description.abstractHumans are blessed with perfect body creation. Despite that, some people are not as fortunate, since they are limited by natural disabilities or disabilities caused by accidents. Blindness is categorized as one of the common disabilities. Luckily, there are numerous assistive technologies that help in neutralizing the impairment. For years, visionless persons choose to use the white‟ cane as the mobility for aiding their daily walking or life. The cane has been very helpful for the blinds in assisting their movements throughout their daily activities. Although the walking stick is able to guide the blinds, there are still several weaknesses that can be enhanced to make the design better. One of the weaknesses of the walking stick is that, it is only designed to detect obstructions that are within the range of the stick length, when being direct contact with the walking stick. The main purpose of doing this project is to let the blind people to use the system that has been implemented in the blind walking stick. The stick can detect any obstacle or any presence of water and will alert the user through buzzer and a vibrator. Moreover, this project also provide an RF tracking system which is if the blind walking stick went missing it can be track by pressing the remote provided. And lastly, this project helps student to develop a new system and giving some knowledge on both hardware and software skill.en_US
dc.titleUltrasonic Blind Walking Sticken_US
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