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Title: Chess Guidance Feature
Authors: Nor Hazrein Hamdan
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2016
Abstract: ANN, Artificial Neural Network can be implemented for various applications such as pattern recognition, modelling and diagnosing the cardiovascular system, botanical classification, prediction and many other applications. The main purpose of this project is to predict or calculate a turn of a chess game and give the user a tutorial-like guidance. There are various examples of chess engine on the web and all of them has their own strength, weakness, calculations, programming techniques and etc. However, many of them has different strength and weakness makes the user has to choose which one they want to use. Chess engine can be made any user because of the code itself is open-sourced code. Thus, my goal is to successfully predict a turn regardless how the chess piece is scattered on the board and guide new player to effectively learn chess. The task has been separated into several parts. First, Raspberry Pi will act as a brain for the chess engine. Second, a Graphical User Interface will be added to Raspberry Pi for user can interact with the chess application. Finally, make a new programming method to calculate or predict a turn and display suggestions to user.
Description: Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Industrial Automation and Robotics
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