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Title: Hybrid Air Conditioning System1
Authors: Muhamad Amry bin Saidin
BET in Electrical
Issue Date: 16-Jun-2016
Abstract: All the natural wastage energies are used for production of Electricity. Thus, the Electrical Power or Electricity is available with a minimum cost and pollution free to anywhere in the world at all times. This project focused generation of electricity and availability of natural resources without disturbing the ecological balance. This research project also focusing the air conditioning hybrid system which is the combination of two resources from solar energy and wind turbine. The advantage of this hybrid system they can have an uninterrupted power supply irrespective of the weather condition without any sort of environmental pollution. Furthermore this process makes possible the electricity generation at least production cost. Utilizing lightning energy for electricity generation reveals an advanced step. The equipment consists of combination of PV solar-cell array and wind turbine to generate electricity, storage batteries (lead-acid), an inverter used to convert DC power to AC power. Next, these types of systems are not connected to the main utility grid. They are also used in stand-alone applications and operate independently and reliably. This hybrid solar-wind power generating system is suitable for Industries and also domestic areas.
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