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metadata.fyp.dc.title: Flame Powered Charger
metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: Nurul Afza binti Matshalleh
Diploma of Engineering Technology in Telecommunication 15-Feb-2016
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: The project is basically to generate an idea which can help people to use flame or heat as an alternative of power source to solve a particular problem during an emergency. This project is used for adventurous activities such as hiking or camping. Sometimes people bring a mobile phone with GPS and maybe other electronic devices during the activities. Therefore, the prototype can be used to charge the gadgets when the batteries go flat. This is because it is hard to find electric power in the jungle and that is when this prototype is very useful and helpful. Particularly the concept of the project is using a thermoelectric module, also called peltier element, TEC or TEG . It has one hot side and one cold. The temperature difference in the module will start producing electricity. As for the physical concept when we use it as a generator, it is called the Seebeck effect. Thermoelectric modules are mainly used for the opposite effect, the Peltier effect. Then apply an electric load and it will force a heat transfer from one side to the other. Objectives of this project are to design and build a new functional prototype and schematics diagram. Overall total cost for this project is RM 340.50. For the hardware equipment it used RM 263.50 and RM 77.00 for the components. This prototype has a lot of advantages to people and it created a new alternative of power saving in this technological world
metadata.fyp.dc.description: Top 20 - 1st Winner
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