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Title: 2 Way Radio Repeater
Authors: Muhammad Shafiq bin Zainuddin
Diploma of Engineering Technology in Telecommunication
Issue Date: 15-Feb-2016
Abstract: The 2-way repeater Radio is a communication system for long distances. This project is particularly suitable for use in emergencies such as natural disasters, rescue and others. Besides, it is easy to carry anywhere because it use batterie. Therefore, it can also be called as a portable repeater. In this project, the main thing is repeater. Usually the use of walkie-talkie is directly, but in this project we used repeater intermediate between the walkie-talkie. The use of high-power antenna causing signal can go further because the repeater has a radio receive and radio transmit where we add more power antenna to the system that allows the signal to go further. In addition, the repeater can be used by many people who have personal radio that have set the same frequency as repeater frequency. The use of antenna has been a major helps in making this project possible. This project will help to overcome the problem to communicate with people who are far outside the region.
Description: Top 20 - 2nd Winner
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