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metadata.fyp.dc.title: Parking Sensor
metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: Ridzuan Hakimi bin Mohd Jafri
Diploma of Engineering Technology in Electrical & Electronics 15-Feb-2016
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: With the development of automobile industry, the number of private cars is greatly increasing. Correspondingly, the number of rookie drivers is increasing as well. For the rookie drivers, how to backing is always a troublesome operation. Many of them complained that their valuable cars are easily got damaged by obstacles that are hardly seen through their rear view mirror. So in this project, a new type system has been designed: smart system of ultrasonic car parking with different display mode and audio mode: i. Liquid crystal display (LCD) display modes: Used to display the zone of your car based on condition that have been set. ii. LED display modes: Ordinary display modes. 9 LEDs are used to display the distance of obstacles. The more LEDs are lightening, the closer obstacles are. iii. A buzzer or a beeper which is a signal device is used to show the distance of the car with the obstacles behind it. The ultrasonic sensor used in security technology such as car collision avoidance and distance measurement, is the best device can be used in detecting obstruction behind the car when backing up. In this paper, we analyze the interference of ultrasonic signal when transmitting and receiving, and then resolve it by software. There is a blind area and distance limitation in ultrasonic distance measurement. The result of project shows that the system's efficiency is not 100% successfully because of error of the ultrasonic sensor sensitivity itself. The system cannot display the exact distance between car and the obstacle although the entire output modes are successfully functioning
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