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Title: EE Dispaly Signboard
Authors: Muhammad Nazreen Shah Bin Mohd Salleh
Issue Date: 22-Sep-2015
Abstract: This final report is established to fulfill the diploma project requirement for engineering project module WPD 39806 for final semester student, a standard guideline is prepared to standardize various documentations and this report is done mainly to list down all the important aspect of the project or the electrical and electronic device that designed. This final report focuses on the most important circuit and device and their application. With a complementary laboratory, it provides an integrated treatment of principles, practical application, problem solving through the time duration of the complete of the project and the design techniques had applied. This report will demonstrate the overall ideal of the project in terms of technical and non-technical explanation and will be provided necessary information about the project in order to enhance fully understands. There is also a recommendation made which may be useful for further enhance and functionality. Thus is conclusion, it could be the presentation of the project itself in the form of text and diagram. Many components have been use and all the instruction on how to create the system has inside the report. Red-Green-Blue (RGB) light-emitting diodes display panels are finding widespread use due to recent advances in the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and their driver technology. This paper investigates a digital microcontroller based RGB-driver for application in display panels. The RGB-driver uses three different voltage sources from switch-mode power converters (SMPCs) as each RGB colour requires different drive voltages. The proposed driver selects the minimum drain voltage of the MOSFETs of the current controllers for each colour and uses this voltage to control the duty cycle of the SMPCs, and thus, maintains the minimum output voltages required to keep the MOSFETs in the current controllers in regulation, the concept can be extended to a larger display matrix.
Description: Diploma Of Engeneering Technology In Electrical Equipment And Installation January 2015
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