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Title: Sign Language Translator
Authors: Muhammad Afif Faiz Bin Mohd Noor
Issue Date: 21-Sep-2015
Abstract: Generally people with hearing impaired and speech disability use sign language based on hand gestures with specific motion to represent the ‘language’ they are communicating. A gesture in a sign language is a particular movement of the hands with a specific shape made out of them. This project aims to convert the hand gestures based on electronic device that translate sign language into speech in order to make the communication take place between the mute communities with the general public. A bluetooth data gloves is used which consists of cloth driving gloves fitted with an accelerometer and five flex sensors along the length of each finger and the thumb. Mute people can use the gloves to perform hand gesture and it will be converted into speech to allow normal people to understand their expression. Flex sensor plays the major role where the change in resistance depending on the amount of bend on the sensor combining with accelerometer measurement of the angle tilted by hand with respect to earth. Then, the data will be processed by microcontroller and sent to the smart phone via a bluetooth module. An apps development will be used that will convert the data into alphabet.
Description: Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Mechatronics January 2015
URI: http://localhost/xmlui/handle/123456789/10942
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