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Title: A Model Of Environmental Management System (EMS) Implementation In Automotive Service Centres In Selangor
Authors: Muhd haziq Akmal Bin Ishak
Issue Date: 17-Sep-2015
Abstract: International interests in improving environmental management practices in both the public and private sector have increased. Many surveys relating to environmental management systems (EMS) in particular have been conducted, but these have focused primarily on the private sector, especially in manufacturing. While the surveys and questionnaires explain the standard itself and how to implement EMS, few comparative analysis have been made that exceed specific economic region and/ or country. This paper focuses on the public sector. The objective is to implement EMS in automotive service industry in Malaysia. This study will contribute the EMS practices guideline to the chosen industry. By using survey method, all surveyors will be filling up the questionnaire that had been distributed to check the EMS level in their organization. After all the data had been collected and had been analyze, the result will show how the automotive service company apply the EMS into their organization. At the end of the project all the objective had been fulfill. Through the result, a guideline can be made for other organization to be used in their organization to improve the company system which can give good advantage not only for a short term but also for a long term usage. There are also examples between a company that implement the EMS and also not used it in the company system as a comparison. Environmental Management System is a very useful method that every organization needs to implement it in their system because much benefit will be gain not only for the organization but also for the user as the customer to the company. The system can measure the organization performance for the future as a guide so that the company can prepare everything that the organization need and reduce the lost to the company.
Description: Bachelor of Engineering Technology (HONS) In Automotive Technology January 2015
URI: http://localhost/xmlui/handle/123456789/10911
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