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Title: IA-B114-07 Training Kit For C Language Programming
Authors: Ashraf Aiman Bin Zulkifli
Issue Date: 14-Sep-2015
Abstract: C Language is like the fundamental of the programming and commonly used in industries. C language is one of the language that every engineering student must learn. Nowadays, many systems have been designed and using C programming, as their controller language. The project proposed is about creating a basic training kit to assist the students in learning C programming. A simple training kit is created to let the students more understand and see it in real life application. A complete training kit module and practical exercises will be prepared for students from basic C language to a more complex. In this training kit, a kit will consist of basic elements of input and outputs such as, LEDs, LCD display, buzzer, button and limit switches. The training kit is controlled by an AVR Butterfly Board which is a development board created by Atmel for education purposes. The reason that AVR Butterfly was chosen for this project is because AVR Butterfly is a complete stable board that can be used for beginners. In Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia France Institute, AVR Butterfly have been used widely in Embedded System and Real Time Operating System(RTOS). In future, this training kit can be a part of the fundamental programming subject assessment. Students will learn the C elements in the lectures and apply C programming language basics compiled in the training kit. Whereas in the mini project assessment, student will have the chance to emulate or simulate the basics that they have learned. The costing for this project is about RM 200 per training kit which is very much affordable in education cause. This project can make it easier for the students to understand the function of each C language elements. Furthermore it will ensure that students know how to apply C language programming in real life application. Lastly students will be exposed to microcontrollers especially AVR microcontrollers and also simple electronics devices at earlier stage of education. Keywords - AVR Butterfly, Buzzer, C Language Programming, LCD, LED’s, Limit Switches, Training Kit.
Description: Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons) in Mechatronics January 2015
URI: http://localhost/xmlui/handle/123456789/10879
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