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metadata.fyp.dc.title: Analysis And Development Of Power Saving Circuit In Air Conditioning System
metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: Mohd Hanifaizal, Hajanajumudin 22-May-2012
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: The general purpose of the analyzing and development of power saving circuit in an air conditioning system is because today an air conditioner is a need to the Malaysian due to the warm and high humidity condition. Due to this, air conditioner becomes one of the important needs to the people. An air-conditioning system use a lot of electricity power, the main objective of the development of power saving circuit is to reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning. To gain the energy saving of the power consumption in the air conditioning system we detect the zero crossing of the supplied voltage and by controlling the conduction angle of it. By using semiconductor device triac, we use microcontroller to trigger the triac at the conduction angle as desired. This device is a better controller to control the compressor operation in term of energy consumption as compared to the control by using a thermostat to control on/off cycles on the compressor at normal frequency. This proposed technique can save energy and improve comfort for air conditioning system compared to the conventional on/off control technique. Reliability estimation was found to be one of the best methods to ensure that the inverter technology will be able to reduce the consumption of energy for specified time during the switching on/off of the compressor of the air conditioning system is using inverter. This research study will reviews the various types and configuration of an inverter system which will then be used as case studies to test and validate the proposed reliability estimation methods. Sensitivity analysis techniques will be proposed and conducted to identify the power consumption and the cost that have being reduced by the improvement of the air conditioning system. The research study will concludes withrecommendations on the most suitable inverter system and configuration with respect tothe usage of the air conditioning.
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