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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jan-2024Digital Future Beyond Pandemic Outbreak: Systematic Review of The Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak on Digital PsychologyKhan, M.,; Khan, N.,; Begum, S.,; Qureshi, M.I.; UniKL BiS
2022Digital Technologies in Healthcare: A Systematic Review and Bibliometric AnalysisSikandar, H.; Abbas, A.F.; Khan, N.; Qureshi, M.I.; UniKL BiS
Dec-2020Effective valorization of food wastes and by-products through pulsed electric field: A systematic reviewArshad, R.N.; Abdul-Malek, Z.; Roobab, U.; Qureshi, M.I.; Khan, N.; Ahmad, M.H.; Liu, Z.-W.; Aadil, R.M.; UniKL BiS
16-Sep-2022Efficacy And Pitfalls Of Digital Technologies In Healthcare Services: A Systematic Review Of Two DecadesAkhtar, N.; Khan, N.; Qayyum, S.; Qureshi, M.I.; Hishan, S.S.; UniKL BiS
2021Investigating the causal linkage among economic growth, energy consumption, urbanization and environmental quality in asean-5 countriesBatool, S.A.,; Ahmad, H.,; Gillani, S.M.A.H.,; Raza, H.,; Siddique, M.,; Qureshi, M.I.; Khan, N.,; UniKL BiS
Dec-2022Nonthermal Food Processing: A Step Towards A Circular Economy To Meet The Sustainable Development GoalsArshad, R.N.; Abdul-Malek, Z.; Roobab, U.; Ranjha, M.M.A.N.; Re┼żek Jambrak, A.; Qureshi, M.I.; Khan, N.; Manuel Lorenzo, J.; Aadil, R.M.; UniKL BiS
2-Jun-2022The Significance of Digital Marketing in Shaping Ecotourism Behaviour through Destination ImageKhan, M.M.; Siddique, M.; Yasir, M.; Qureshi, M.I.; Khan, N.; Safdar, M.Z.; UniKL BiS
2021Tourism research is an academic field or a multidisciplinary subject, a systematic literature review on theoretical development in tourism researchLodhi, S.,; Harasis, A.A.,; Shafiq, M.,; Khan, N.,; Qureshi, M.I.; UniKL BiS