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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Automated Gardening Portable Plant Using IoTSiti Nor Zawani Ahmmad; Muhamad Mubin Jaafar; Farkhana Muchtar; Mohd Ismail Yusof
6-Jul-2023Compressed Air (CdA) System Energy Audit: A Case Study on Quantifying the CdA Leak with the SONAPHONE UT TechnologyMohd Azhar Ismail; Mohd Zul Waqar Mohd Tohid; Adnan Bakri; Fatihhi Szali Januddi; Narendran Narasiah; Mohd Ismail Yusof; (UniKL MITEC)
4-Oct-2023Control of pH neutralization process using PLC-PID compact controllerAzavitra Zainal; Norhaliza Abdul Wahab; Mohd Ismail Yusof; (UniKL MITEC)
12-Jul-2023Development of a Low-Cost Hydroelectric Generation System for Application on Water PipelinesMohd Aliff Afira Sani; Muhammad Daniel Asyraf Azharshah; Mohd Ismail Yusof; Mohd Usairy Syafiq Sama’in; Nor Samsiah Sani; (UniKL MITEC)
2-Jan-2024Disease Detection and Classification In Oil Palm Crops Using Machine Learning and Real-Time Drone MonitoringAhmad Adlan Anuar; Mohd Aliff Afira Sani; Nor Samsiah Sani; Mohd Ismail Yusof; (UniKL MITEC)
13-Jul-2023A Nonlinear Autoregressive Exogenous Neural Network (NARX) Model for the Prediction of the pH NeutralizationAzavitra Zainal; Norhaliza Abdul Wahab; Mohd Ismail Yusof; (UniKL MITEC)
6-Jul-2023A Novel Approach of Estimating the Kinematics for a Manta Ray Inspired Swimming Mobile RobotMohd Ismail Yusof; Mohd Aliff Afira; Tony Dodd; (UniKL MITEC)
13-Jul-2023Sensing Coil Development in Measuring Magnetic Properties MaterialAshraf Rohanim Asari; Nurul Syafizha Mohd Kamar Arpin; Mohd Ismail Yusof; (UniKL MITEC)