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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2020Challenges faced by non-muslim transporter in adopting halal logistics certificateHairul Rizad Md Sapry; Nur Syaza Sahira Mohd Takiudin; Abd Rahman Ahmad
17-Jan-2019The effectiveness of MRP system to forecast the accuracy inven-tory requirementHairul Rizad Md Sapry; Lorio L’ wiey Anak Tawi; Abd Rahman Ahmad; Shathees Baskaran; (UniKL MITEC)
16-Jul-2023The Elimination of Plastic Bags: A Customer Perspective on Logistics ChallengesHairul Rizad Md Sapry; Aina Syuhada Badrul Hisham; Abd Rahman Ahmad; (UniKL MITEC)
31-Oct-2019An exploratory study on the readiness of Non-Muslim Rice manufacturer towards the implementation of Halal logisticsHairul Rizad Md Sapry; Nor Zafirah Nur Izzati Zalizan; Abd Rahman Ahmad; Shathees Baskaran; (UniKL MITEC)
13-Jul-2023The Influence of Demographic Factors and Customer Traits on Intention to Use Self-Service Checkout at Tesco TebrauHairul Rizad Md Sapry; Nor Maisarah Zakaria; Abd Rahman Ahmad; Noor Irdiana Ngadiman; (UniKL MITEC)
31-Oct-2019Investigation of Customer Purchase Intention towards Car Battery On-Site Delivery ServicesHairul Rizad Md Sapry; Nurfaziq Nordin; Abd Rahman Ahmad; Shathees Baskaran; (UniKL MITEC)
17-Jan-2019Reverse Logistics for Malaysian Tire Industry: A Conceptual Framework for Strategic ImplementationHairul Rizad Md Sapry; Nurul Shakina Mohamad Ridwan; Abd Rahman Ahmad; Shathees Baskaran; (UniKL MITEC)
13-Jul-2023Sensor Application in the Logistics Integration Process in the Manufacturing EnvironmentHairul Rizad Md. Sapry; Nur Aniza Mohamad Zaki; Abd Rahman Ahmad; (UniKL MITEC)
2-Jun-2020A shared service centre (SSC) for consolidation and outsourcing of smes internal business process in MalaysiaHairul Rizad Md Sapry; Nurul Hidayah Mhd Ali; Abd Rahman Ahmad
27-Oct-2016War Room Concept in the Context of Distribution LogisticsHairul Rizad Md Sapry; Abd Rahman Ahmad; Mazlan Md. Zahid; (UniKL MITEC)