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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jul-2015Ability of Conventional Air Condition System to Produce Suitable Supply Air in Hot and Humid RegionDezfouli, M.M.S.; Ibrahim, A.; Mat, S.; Zakaria, A.; Idris, M.R.; Sopian, K.; (UniKL MIDI)
2018Analysis of Savonius Rotor Perfomance Operating at Low Wind Speeds Using Numerical StudyAhmad Zakaria, Mohd Shahrul Nizam Ibrahim; (UniKL MIDI)
26-Nov-2015Blank Optimization for Hot Stamping ProcessAhmad Zakaria; M.Azuan Zaudin; Azman Senin; (UniKL MIDI)
16-Nov-2019CFD Evaluation of Hot Stamping Die Cooling SystemZakaria, A.; Ibrahim, M.S. N; Dezfouli, M.M.S.; (UniKL MIDI)
16-Nov-2019Comparison of Different Techniques for Modelling an Ultra-Low Speed Vertical Wind TurbineZakaria, A.; Ibrahim, M.S.N.; Dezfouli, M.M.S.; (UniKL MIDI)
2018Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Coolant Flow in Milling of Titanium grade-2 under Multiple NozzleCatherine, LDK, Darulihshan Bin Abdul Hamid; M.S.N. Ibrahim, A. Zakaria; (UniKL MIDI)
26-Nov-2015Design Challenges of a Low Speed Wind FarmA. Zakaria; M.M.S. Dezfouli; J.Hamzah; (UniKL MIDI)
Mar-2020E-Kanban Hybrid Model for Malaysian Automotive Component Suppliers with IoT SolutionIdris, M.R.; Prakash, P.S.; Abdullah, A.; (UniKL MIDI)
2018The effect of heat treatment on the tensile strength and ductility of pure titanium grade 2Catherine, LDK, Darulihshan Bin Abdul Hamid; (UniKL MIDI)
Jan-2020Evaluation of Oxide Formation on Heat-Treated Pure TitaniumCatherine, L.D.K.; Hamid, D.B.A.; (UniKL MIDI)
16-Nov-2019Flank Wear on Rotary Tool When Turning Magnesium AZ31 at Air Cooling ConditionYazid, MZA.; Razak, MM.; Ibrahim, Gusri Akhyar; Hamni, Arinal; Harun, Suryadiwansa; (UniKL MIDI)
16-Nov-2019Industry 4.0: A Review on Drivers and Challenges in Development of Smart Supply Chain ManagementNoordin, Nora Azima; Mustaffa Bakry, Faridah; Nik Ahamad Sukri, Nik Nurul Huda; (UniKL MIDI)
16-Nov-2019Influence of Machining Parameters in Near-Dry Milling of Aluminium Alloy 7075-T6Yazid, MZA.; Zainol, Azreen; Mustapaha, A.M.; (UniKL MIDI)
2020Investigation the Impact of 5S Implementation toward Accident-Free Manufacturing IndustriesMutaza, M.S.R.; Che Ani, M.N.; Hassan, A.; (UniKL MIDI)
11-Apr-2017Mechanical Properties Optimization of Aisi 3115 Alloy during the Electrical Discharge MachiningImad Mokhtar M.; Mohd Razif Idris; (UniKL MIDI)
Aug-2020Mixed Convection of Non-Newtonian Erying Powell Fluid with Temperature- Dependent Viscosity over a Vertically Stretched SurfaceAljabali, A.; Kasim, A.R.M.; Arifin, N.S.; Isa, S.M.; (UniKL MIDI)
26-Nov-2015Numerical Evaluation of Hot Formed B-PillarA.Zakaria; M.A.Ahmad; A.Senin; (UniKL MIDI)
16-Nov-2019Packaging Design for Waste Reduction of E-Commerce PackagingSeyajah, Norhisham; Roslan, Amzar Helmi; (UniKL MIDI)
Sep-2020Performance Evaluation on the Smartness of Malaysian TimberAbdull Razak, A.; Shahrin, N.I.; Mohd Jani, J.; Hamid, N.H.; (UniKL MIDI)
2020Power Consumption in Milling of Titanium Grade-2 under an Improved Cutting Fluid Supply SystemCatherine, L.D.K.,; Hamid, D.B.A.; (UniKL MIDI)