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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-20232-Octylcyclopentanone Inhibits Beta Lactam Resistant Diabetic Wound PathogensTong Woei Yenn, Leong Chean Ring; (UNIKL MICET)
20-Jul-2023Adsorptive Elimination of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solution Using Magnetic Chitosan/Cellulose-Fe(III) Composite as a Bio-SorbentNor Afifah Khalil, Muzafar Zulkifli, Ahmad Naim Ahmad Yahaya; (UNIKL MICET)
20-Oct-2023Alternative biomanufacturing of bioactive peptides derived from halal food sourcesEmmy Liza Anak Yaji, Suraya Abd Wahab , Kelly Yong Tau Len , Mohamad Zulkeflee Sabri , Nadia Razali , Abdul Manan Dos Mohamed, Khairul Faizal Pa’ee; (UNIKL MICET)
24-May-2023Alternative Processes for the Production of Bioactive PeptidesNorfahana Abd-Talib, Alia Shahiza Shaharuddin, Emmy Liza Anak Yaji, Nur Suraya Abd Wahab, Nadia Razali, Kelly Yong Tau Len, Khairul Faizal Paée; (UNIKL MICET)
20-Sep-2023Ameliorative effects of microencapsulated Spirulina platensis in beverage; physicochemical, simulated release, and organoleptic propertiesNur Ain Syuhada Zamri;; (UNIKL MICET)
24-May-2023Antimicrobial Peptides, An Alternative Antimicrobial Agent Against Multi-drug-Resistant Microbes: Source, Application, and PotentialNur Husna Hafiza Lyana Ramzah, Leong Chean Ring; (UNIKL MICET)
13-Feb-2024Assessing wineries' performance in managing critical control points for arsenic, lead, and cadmium contamination risk in the wine-making industry: A survey-based analysis utilizing performance indicators as a results toolAmelia Md Som; (UNIKL MICET)
20-Sep-2023Association of Flood Risk Patterns with Waterborne Bacterial Diseases in MalaysiaNorzahir Sapawe; (UNIKL MICET)
24-May-2023Bio-Based Adhesive from Extracted Durian Seed PowderNoor Faizah Che Harun, Muhamad Mohd Rosli, Mohd Aizuddin Shahmi A’zim, Haniza Kahar; (UNIKL MICET)
24-May-2023Biochar-Based Graphitic Carbon Nitride Derived from Biomass Waste for Degradation of PyreneNoor Aina Mohd Nazri & Syarifah Nurhusna Qadirah Syed Abd Halim; (UNIKL MICET)
24-May-2023Carbon Fibre Precursor from Oil Palm Biomass LigninSiti Khadijah Amran, Afiqah Liana Sazali, Khairul Faizal Pa’ee, Mohd Razealy Anuar & Tau-Len Kelly Yong; (UNIKL MICET)
11-Jan-2024Characterization of Axonopus compressus Fibre through Chemical Composition, Thermogravimetric Behaviour, and Moisture Content EvaluationFahmi Asyadi Md Yusof; (UNIKL MICET)
20-Jul-2023Characterization of Metabolites in an Endophytic Fungus Diaporthe fraxini via NMR-based Metabolomics and Cholinesterase Inhibitory ActivityC.-R. Leong; (UNIKL MICET)
24-May-2023Characterization of Oil Palm Frond-Based Biochar-Filled-Recycled PET Bio-compositesKhaliesah Abbas, Robert Thomas Bachmann, Siew Kooi Ong; (UNIKL MICET)
13-Feb-2024Chemical modification of linoleic acid via catalytic epoxidation of corn oil: A sustainable approachFahmi Asyadi Md Yusof; (UNIKL MICET)
17-Apr-2024Co-production of Biochar and Carbon Nanotube from Sewage Sludge in a Two-Stage Process Coupling Pyrolysis and Catalytic Chemical Vapor depositionMohd Syazwan Mohd Ghazali; (UNIKL MICET)
21-Sep-2023Complexity measurements for the thermal convection in a viscoelastic fluid saturated porous mediumMohd Nasir Mahmud; (UNIKL MICET)
20-Sep-2023Development of sodium alginate-pectin biodegradable active food packaging film containing cinnamic acidWoei Yenn Tong, Abdu Raouf Ahmad Rafiee, Chean Ring Leong; (UNIKL MICET)
24-May-2023Dielectric, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of Crosslinked Polyethylene Nanocomposite with Hybrid NanofillersMuzafar Zulkifli; (UNIKL MICET)
25-May-2023The Effect of Financial Assistance, Accounts Receivable Management and University Size on Financial DistressRosmalina Roslan; (UNIKL MICET)