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metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: NOR DIYANA BINTI ZABANI 1-Jul-2014
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: Nowadays, a variety of water-related problems are hotly discussed throughout the world because of uncontrolled development resulting in a deterioration of water quality. Therefore, the goat farm, cow farm and buffalo farm were selected to analyze of physical, chemical and biological characteristic of water effluent. In addition, this study also to compare the farm’s liquid waste with Water Quality Standard of Industrial Effluent required by The Department of Environment (DOE). Several parameters such as temperature, turbidity, pH, conductivity, TSS, TDS, DO, COD, BOD, heavy metal, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, and total coliform were tested as to get status of water effluent quality. From this study, it was found that the water effluent from all the farms were as polluted categorized. From the observation, the waste materials such as feces and urine are the most contaminants arise from the farms. All the results of every parameter shown that the water effluent quality most polluted. As for pH, all the samples were acidic in the range of 4.6 to 5.00. Furthermore, the temperature of all samples showed in the range 30.1 to 32.1˚C, while for turbidity concentration in range 480 to 3102.5NTU, conductivity in the range 3.7 to 28.0 μS, TSS in the range 4.14 to 6.33 mg/L, the TDS in the range 0.15 to 0.96 mg/L, DO in the range 0.54 to 1.12 mg/L, COD in the range 1704 to 1850mg/L, BOD in the range 92.5 to 100.0mg/L, heavy metal (copper) in the range 0.357 to 0.77mg/L, heavy metal (ferum) in the range 6.79 to 11.61mg/L, AN in the range 105 to 287mg/L and MPN total coliform in the range 4 to 40. According to the water quality standard required by DOE, the table 4.12 clearly shown the results of all parameters compared to the Standard B. Only the stern parameter complied with the standard which are Temperature, Total Suspended Solid, Heavy metal (Copper and Ferum). Other parameters results shown that the readings are over-limit required by the standard. The water quality aspect should be given serious consideration so as not to adversely affect the surrounding community. Hence, sustainable development should be implemented to ensure this treasure is always preserved and protected.
metadata.fyp.dc.description: Diploma of Chemical Engineering Technology (Hons) in Environment SEPTEMBER 2013
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