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Title: Design of Full-Bridge Rectifier for Underwater Remotely Operated Power Supply Unit
Authors: Dahalan, W. M.
Othman, Norhafizah
Mohamid Salih, Noorazlina
Abdul Karim, Mohd Harkikie Fitri
Keywords: Rectifier
AC/DC converter
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Springer Singapore
Citation: Dahalan, W. M., Othman, N., Salih, N. M., & Karim, M. H. F. B. A. (2020). Design of Full-Bridge Rectifier for Underwater Remotely Operated Power Supply Unit. In Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (pp. 157–162).
Abstract: Rectifiers or AC/DC converters are widely used in industrial applications. Input AC voltage is rectified into DC voltage and smoothen using the filtering circuit which consists of electrolytic capacitors. The 220VAC, 50 Hz input voltage source is increased and converted to get 400VDC by using a step-up transformer and full-wave bridge. The 620 μF filtering capacitor is chosen based on the calculation and simulation. This paper described the step to design rectifier and proposes the component configurations by which voltage drop and ripple voltage can be reduced. The results of respective simulations are shown through Proteus software program and their parameters are calculated.
ISSN: 21954356
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