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dc.contributor.authorHooman Abadi, UBis-
dc.description.abstractThis study aims to investigate the prima facie conjecture that there are problems on evaluation the development of green building in Malaysia with regard to the effectiveness of Green Building Index (GBI). This is due to the lack of information on its effectiveness. These problem may explain why the main players are less responsive to the implementation and practice of the GBI. It is essential that an appropriate model of GBI be used by administrator and professionals. This proposed model is based on dependent variable, green building development and the independent variables namely, awareness of environment, technology, social element and legislation. Three prominent factors are identified: firstly, awareness on the environment and the practice of the GBI among practitioner in green building implementation. Secondly, the effect of technology and social aspects are not properly addressed and thirdly, insufficiently of rules and regulations on green building development that affects the implementation of the GBI. The factors were transformed into four hypotheses to be accepted or rejected. This research if of descriptive-survey and inferential type based on data collection method where parametric test were used. The data were collected via a questionnaire survey and analysed with the help of SPSS. The major research finding indicate that there was a concordance of opinion among the respondents on the three main factor. Four hypotheses were accepted based on the analyses. This study recommends the need for all parties involved to develop plans, regulations, procedures, specific guidelines and input to pertinent academic programmes if the green concept and GBI element were to be effectively practiced in property development in this country as a whole. A quantitative survey was done on GBI professional members and three building user through random sampling on 266 people. In conclusion, it can be inferred that the GBI is still at its infancy stage and as serious attention is needed among the players in the development of green building in Malaysia.en_US
dc.titleA conceptual framework on pertinent important factors for the green building development in Malaysiaen_US
dc.theses.semesterMarch 2016en_US
dc.theses.courseDoctor of Philosophy (Management)en_US
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