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dc.contributor.authorMunzir Bin Halim @ Omar-
dc.description.abstractGreening the building envelope focusing on green facades with vegetation is a good example of a new construction practice. Plants and partly growing materials in case of green wall systems have a number of functions that are benefical for example: increasing the biodiversity and ecological value, mitigation of urban heat island effect, outdoor and indoor comfort, insulating properties, improve of air quality and give the social and psycological well being of city dwellers. This paper discusses an economic study for: a conventional built up brick facade, a facade greened directly, a facade greened indirectly (supported by a steel mesh), a facade covered with a green wall system based on planter boxes and a facade covered with a green wall system based on felt layers. Beside the environmental benefits of the above described greening system, it is eventually not clear if these system are sustainable due to the materials used, maintenance, nutrients and water needed. A life cycle analysis (LCA) is used to analyze the similarity and differences in the environmental impacts in relation with benefits estimated for building energy saving(reductiion of electrical energy used for building cooling and heating) and life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is used for the evaluation of the economic sustainability of vertical greening system. It enables the creation, operation and disposal costs of a selected alternative to be monitored throughout its life to enable accurate and timely decision making as to how these costs can minimized.en_US
dc.titleEconomic Study: Green Facade System for Multi Storey Buildingen_US
dc.theses.courseMaster of Engineering Technology (MGEEB)en_US
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