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dc.contributor.authorNorida Kamaruddin-
dc.contributor.authorSudirman Zainal Abidin-
dc.contributor.authorNur Assila Rozmi-
dc.contributor.authorUniKL BMI-
dc.descriptionUniKL BMIen_US
dc.description.abstractGood character is the key to self-respect, to earning the respect of others, to positive relationships, to a sense of fulfillment, to achievements that can be proud of, to a happy life and to success in every area of life. To ensure progressive growth in one’s life, one must first know one self, one strengths and weaknesses and progress in trying to lead a good life. Students character building(SCB) is part of Student Development theories that focussed on human growth and environmental influences and designs that provide environments to promote students’ learning and maturation, both in and outside of class. Most educators agree that assisting students in building character is worthwhile goal. Some of the virtues stressed in schools today includes trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, caring, fairness, citizenship, courage, diligence and integrity. The study is relevant and important because it helps to advance student learning, helps students meet the challenges of university and hence enhances the quality of the student life. Finally it will develop the student as a better quality person in the future. The study is focused on lecturers and students currently studying in UniKL BMI. Data and information are gathered through interviews, readings, experiences and observations. To accomplish SCB objectives, the university could make available a wide range of educational experiences through programs and activities that complement and support the academic experience in the classroom. The results of the study showed that there are issues and challenges faced by educators and university in their mission in implementing SCB. Among the issues are time, student’s interest, moral support and financial aids. Each issues would pose several challenges that need to be addressed such as building a caring campus-life community and encouraging good role models among the educators. The findings of the study would be useful for the university policy makers to enhance and improve the current approach in implementing SCB in the university.en_US
dc.subjectStudents character building (SCB)en_US
dc.subjectStudent Developmenten_US
dc.subjectUniKL BMIen_US
dc.titleIssues and Challenges in Implementing Entrepreneurial Students Character Building (SCB) Activities: A Study at UniKL BMIen_US
dc.typeWorking Paperen_US
dc.conference.nameInternational Conference on Engineering Technology and Technopreneurship (ICE2T 2014)en_US
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