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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Apr-2020EXPLORING COVID-19 PANDEMIC: ITS IMPACT TO GLOBAL AVIATION INDUSTRY AND THE KEY STRATEGYNor Aida Abdul Rahman; Suzari Abdul Rahim; Md Fauzi Ahmad; Hafizuddin-Syah, B.A.M
Oct-2020Supporting role of society and firms to COVID-19 management among medical practitionersGholamReza Zandi; Imran Shahzad; Muhammad Farrukh; Sebastian Kot; UniKL BiS
Mar-2020COVID-19 associated thromboembolism: Causing the respiratory failure.Jannathul Firdous; ATM Emdadul Haque; Karpagam T; Varalakshmi B; Bharathi V; Resni Mona; Noorzaid Muhamad; (UniKL RCMP)
2021A review on the potential of photocatalysis in combatting SARS-CoV-2 in wastewaterNasir, A.M.,; Awang, N.,; Hubadillah, S.K.,; Jaafar, J.,; Othman, M.H.D.,; Wan Salleh, W.N.,; Ismail, A.F.; (UniKL MITEC)
2022Re-examining oil and BRICS’ stock markets: new evidence from wavelet and MGARCH-DCCKarim, M.M.,; Chowdhury, M.A.F.,; Masih, M.; UniKL BiS
2021Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on sustainable development goals: What we learn from the past and where we are heading?Hishan, S.S.,; Qureshi, M.I.,; Khan, N.,; Ramakrishnan, S.,; Jaiprakash, H.,; Vaicondam, Y.; UniKL BiS
2021Post-covid 19 tourism: Will digital tourism replace mass tourism?Akhtar, N.,; Khan, N.,; Mahroof Khan, M.,; Ashraf, S.,; Hashmi, M.S.,; Khan, M.M.,; Hishan, S.S.; UniKL BiS
2021The Impact of COVID-19 Crisis upon the Effectiveness of E-learning in Higher Education InstitutionOsman, S.,; Ustadi, M.N.,; Zahrol Kamar, H.K.,; Johari, N.H.,; Ismail, N.A.; UniKL BiS
Apr-2021Could Nutraceutical Approaches Possibly Attenuate the Cytokine Storm in COVID-19 Patients?Vignesh, Ramachandran; Velu, Vijayakumar; Sureban, Sripathi M; (UniKL RCMP)
Jul-2021A narrative review on the effectiveness of tocilizumab in reducing the mortality risk in covid-19 patientsNur Haifa Amani Zulkiply; Vignesh, Ramachandran; Muthukumarasamy, Ravindran; (UniKL RCMP)