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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jul-2023Domain-Driven Data Mining Framework for Effective DecisionsFauziah Abdul Rahman; Norhaidah Abu Haris; Rahimah Kassim; Zirawani Baharum; Helmi Adly Mohd Noor; Faradina Ahmad; (UniKL MITEC)
13-Jul-2023DEEPFAKE Image Synthesis for Data AugmentationNawaf Waqas; Sairul Izwan Safie; Kushsairy Abdul Kadir; Sheroz Khan; Muhammad Haris Kaka Khel; (UniKL MITEC)
13-Jul-2023Assessing Hospital Management Performance in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) During the COVID-19: A Study from the Pandemic Outbreak PerspectiveIshamuddin Mustapha; Nohman Khan; Muhammad Imran Qureshi; Nguyen Thuy Van; (UniKL MITEC)
13-Jul-2023Thermal radiation effect on Viscoelastic Walters'-B nanofluid flow through a circular cylinder in convective and constant heat fluxMahat R.; Saqib M.; Khan I.; Shafie S.; Mat Noor N.A.; (UniKL MITEC)
13-Jul-2023Deep Learning Approach for Prediction of Brain Tumor from Small Number of MRI ImagesZailan Z.N.I.; Mostafa S.A.; Abdulmaged A.I.; Baharum Z.; Jaber M.M.; Hidayat R.; (UniKL MITEC)
13-Jul-2023Effect of dual-functional coating of chicken fillet with pectin-curcumin-lemongrass oil emulsion on the shelf-life stability and fat uptake during fryingAhmad Puat N.N.; Kamaruding N.A.; Shaharuddin S.; (UniKL MITEC)
13-Jul-2023Effects of drilling parameters on delamination of kenaf-glass fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester compositesNgah A.R.; Salman S.D.; Leman Z.; Sapuan S.M.; Alkbir M.F.M.; Januddi F.; (UniKL MITEC)
13-Jul-2023Casson Fluid Convective Flow in an Accelerated Microchannel with Thermal Radiation using the CaputoMarjan Mohd Daud; Lim Yeou Jiann; Sharidan Shafie; Rahimah Mahat; (UniKL MITEC)
16-Jul-2023The Elimination of Plastic Bags: A Customer Perspective on Logistics ChallengesHairul Rizad Md Sapry; Aina Syuhada Badrul Hisham; Abd Rahman Ahmad; (UniKL MITEC)
16-Jul-2023Development of Underwater Pipe Crack Detection System for Low-Cost Underwater Vehicle using Raspberry Pi and Canny Edge Detection MethodMohd Aliff Afira Sani; Hanisah N.F.; Ashroff M.S.; Sallaudin Hasan; Nurr S.F.; Sani N.S.; (UniKL MITEC)