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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-May-2023Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Polylactic Acid Composites Filled with Iron ParticlesMuhammad Remanul Islam, Mohd Al-Fatihhi Mohd Szali Januddi, Mohd Haziq Zakaria, Sairul Izwan Safie, Ahmad Naim Ahamd Yahaya, Md Golam Sumdani & Amin Firouzi; (UNIKL MICET)
25-May-2023Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Polylactic Acid/Carbon Fiber CompositesMuhammad Remanul Islam, Mohd Al-Fatihhi Mohd Szali Januddi, Mohd Haziq Zakaria, Ahmad Naim Ahmad Yahaya, Sairul Izwan Shafie; (UNIKL MICET)
24-May-2023Innovative Aggregates Replacement in the Production of Cement-Based Mortar: A ReviewNadia Razali, Nurriswin Jumadi; (UNIKL MICET)
22-May-2023Esterification of Glycerol Derived from Biodiesel with Fatty Acids to Monoglycerides – Malaysian PerspectiveMohd Razealy Anuar; (UNIKL MICET)
21-Sep-2023Potential of Lignin from Oil Palm Biomass using Deep Eutectic Solvent as Carbon Fibre Precursor [Potensi Lignin daripada Biojisim Kelapa Sawit Menggunakan Pelarut Eutektik Dalam sebagai Prekursor Gentian Karbon]Afiqah Liana Sazali, Siti Khadijah Amran, Khairul Faizal Pa’ee, Mohd Razealy Anuar, and Tau-Len Kelly Yong; (UNIKL MICET)
21-Sep-2023Thymol-Loaded Polymeric Nanoparticles Improve the Postharvest Microbiological Safety of BlueberriesSyarifah Ab Rashid, Chean-Ring Leong, Mohd Razealy Anuar, Siew-Hway Teo and Nur Amiera Syuhada Rozman; (UNIKL MICET)
21-Sep-2023Lignin from oil palm biomass using deep eutectic solvent as carbon fibre precursorAfiqah Liana Sazali, Siti Khadijah Amran, Mohd Razealy Anuar, Khairul Faizal Pa’ee & Tau-Len Kelly Yong; (UNIKL MICET)
21-Sep-2023The Effect of UV Light Exposure Distance on the Removal of 3-Monochloropropane,1,2-Diol (3-MCPD) Using Photocatalytic ReactorMohamad Zarith Amzar Mohamed Kamil; Puteri Nurain Syahirah Megat Muhammad Kamal; Muhammad Izzuddin Mokhtar; Aliff Radzuan Mohamad Razi; Nor Shahirah Mohd Nasir; Amin Safwan Alikasturi; (UNIKL MICET)
21-Sep-2023Photocatalysis of Palm Oil Mill Secondary Effluent (POMSE) Over Calcium Oxide Supported Nickel CatalystReyhana Noorsham; Amin Safwan Alikasturi; Aliff Radzuan Mohamad Radzi; Mohd Nasir Nor Shahirah; (UNIKL MICET)
21-Sep-2023Complexity measurements for the thermal convection in a viscoelastic fluid saturated porous mediumMohd Nasir Mahmud; (UNIKL MICET)