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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-2023Development of sodium alginate-pectin biodegradable active food packaging film containing cinnamic acidWoei Yenn Tong, Abdu Raouf Ahmad Rafiee, Chean Ring Leong; (UNIKL MICET)
20-Jul-2023Hydrolysis of Cellulose to Glucose Catalyzed by Noble Metal Palladium (Pd) Supported On Silica-Alumina [Hidrolisis Selulosa Kepada Glukosa Bermangkin Logam Adi Paladium (Pd) Disokong Pada Silika-Alumina]Amin Safwan Alikasturi; (UNIKL MICET)
20-Jul-2023Adsorptive Elimination of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solution Using Magnetic Chitosan/Cellulose-Fe(III) Composite as a Bio-SorbentNor Afifah Khalil, Muzafar Zulkifli, Ahmad Naim Ahmad Yahaya; (UNIKL MICET)
24-May-2023Pelletisation of peat moss using binder from palm oil refinery waste (spent bleaching earth) and binder from grey oyster mushroom plantation waste (spent mushroom substrate)Siti Abd Halim; (UNIKL MICET)
20-Jul-20232-Octylcyclopentanone Inhibits Beta Lactam Resistant Diabetic Wound PathogensTong Woei Yenn, Leong Chean Ring; (UNIKL MICET)
20-Jul-2023Characterization of Metabolites in an Endophytic Fungus Diaporthe fraxini via NMR-based Metabolomics and Cholinesterase Inhibitory ActivityC.-R. Leong; (UNIKL MICET)
25-May-2023Optimizing extraction of antioxidative biostimulant from waste onion peels for microalgae cultivation via response surface modelKhairul Faizal Pa'ee, Kelly Tau Len Yong; (UNIKL MICET)
25-May-2023Preparation and Characterization of PVDF–TiO2 Mixed-Matrix Membrane with PVP and PEG as Pore-Forming Agents for BSA RejectionRianyza Gayatri, Ahmad Noor Syimir Fizal, Muzafar Zulkifli, Ahmad Naim Ahmad Yahaya; (UNIKL MICET)
25-May-2023Response Surface Methodology for the Optimisation of a 96-Well Microtitre Plate Coagulation Activity AssayFarah Salma Baharudin, Mussarat Saleem & Robert Thomas Bachmann; (UNIKL MICET)
25-May-2023Short-Term Study on the Potential of Oil Palm Frond Biochar for Acid Sulphate Soil AmeliorationAmelia Md Som, Abdul Addahary Abdul Yahya, Padmini Karananidi & Robert Thomas Bachmann; (UNIKL MICET)