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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Assessing Engineering Technology Students' Attitude Toward Problem Solving in Mathematics Using Rasch ModelNorhatta Mohd; Siti Mistima Maat; UniKL MFI; UniKL MIIT
2013An Investigation on Ict Application in Learning Mathematics among Engineering Technology StudentsNorhatta Mohd; Siti Mistima Maat; UniKL MFI; UniKL MIIT
Mar-2013Study the Best Approach Implementation and Codec Selection for VOIP Over Virtual Private NetworkMohd Nazri Ismail; UniKL MIIT
9-Jul-2018Syrian Youth in Za’atari Refugee Camp as ICT Wayfarers: An Exploratory Study Using LEGO and StorytellingYafi, Dr Eiad; Fisher, Karen E.; UniKL MIIT
18-Jul-2018A Recommender system for Finding Products from Next Door Virtual manufacturer or Supplier: A conceptual StudyMohammad, Abdul Hadi; M, Fahtullah; S, Ismail; M R, Aliff Radzuan; UniKL MIIT
26-Sep-2018Visibility Study in Strategizing for Web Marketing and Webometric University Ranking in MalaysiaDr Rita Zaharah Wan Chik; A.P Dr. Ilham Sentosa Anwar Malik; Siti Sarah Shahruddin; UniKL MIIT
Jun-2020A Comparative Performance Analysis of Manet Routing Protocols in Various Propagation Loss Models Using NS3 SimulatorSabra A. Saleh; Megat F. Zuhairi; Hassan Dao; UniKL MIIT
Jul-2020A Comprehensive Study of Load Balancing Approaches in the Cloud Computing Environment and a Novel Fault Tolerance ApproachMuhammad Asim Shahid; Noman Islam; Muhammad Mansoor Alam; Mazliham Mohd Su’ud; Shahrulniza Musa; UniKL MIIT
Sep-2020A Framework for Real-Time Healthcare System Performance in Developing CountriesAhmed, R.; Yafi, E.; Mohd Su'ud, M.; Alam, M.M.; Faizan, M.; UniKL MIIT
May-2020A Systematic Review of Load Balancing Techniques in Software-Defined NetworkingMohammad Riyaz Belgaum; Shahrulniza Musa; Muhammad Mansoor Alam; Mazliham Mohd Su’ud; UniKL MIIT