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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Authenticity Issues of Social Media:Credibility, Quality and RealityShahrinaz Ismail; Roslina Abdul Latif
15-Dec-2014Shariah compliance in hotel operations using Islamic tourism product indexChe Musa Che Omar; Noormuthaah Mohamad Ali Adaha; Hilyati Abdul Ghaffar; Amirul Imran Mohd Ali
5-Nov-2012Design Guidelines for SME Product PackagingSuzidiana Sulaiman; Sheikh Mohamad Hafiz Abu Bakar
Jul-2012Video Applications in E Learning Portal Over WiFI/WiMAX Networks: QoS EvalutionIrma Syarlina Hj Che Ilias; Nur Zaimah Ahmad
2012Forest Growth Simulation: Tropical Rain Forest Stand Table ProjectionYasmin Yahya, Roslan Ismail; Samreth Vanna; Khorn Saret; Roslan Ismail
30-May-2013The Potential Of RBCL Region As Dna Barcode For Nine Species Of Malaysian HerbsMuhammad Sharir Abdul Rahman; Ruzainah Ali @ Jaafar
15-Dec-2014Who drives east asian economy after the collapse of Lehman Brothers?Buerhan Saiti; Ahmad Monir Abdullah; Abdul Razak Abdul Hadi; Naziruddin Abdullah
21-Nov-2013Smart Card-based Blood Donation for Donor Identification and Broadcast Alert NotificationNorzanahMd Said, Hisyam Adzha; NurIzyanti Abd Rahim, Farah Hana Mukhtar; Noor Hasyimah Abu Rahim, Siti Norhafiza Abdul Razak; Siti Khadijah Ismail
2012Emergence of Personal Knowledge Management Processes within Multi-agent RolesShahrinaz Ismail, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad
2007Analysis of Car Body Paint Glossiness Using Statistical Process Control MethodA.R. Razali; W. M. Wan Muhamad; S. Hassan; A.T. Bon