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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A practical approach in porous medium combustion for domestic application: A reviewIsmail A.K.; Ibrahim, N.H.; Shamsuddin, K.A.; Abdullah, M.Z.; Zubair, M.
Mar-2018Hyper-expression of PD-1 is associated with the levels of exhausted and dysfunctional phenotypes of circulating CD161 ++ TCR iVα7.2 + Mucosal-associated invariant T cells in chronic hepatitis B virus infectionYong, Y.K.; Saeidi, A.; Tan, H.Y.; Rosmawati, M.; Enström, P.F; Batran, R.A.; Vasuki, V.; Chattopadhyay, I.; Murugesan, A.; Vignesh, R.; Kamarulzaman, A.; Rajarajeswaran, J.; Ansari, A.W.; Vadivelu, J.; Ussher, J.E.; Velu, V.; Larsson, M.; Shankar, E.M.
Apr-2018Performance analysis of single-stage air source heat pump utilizing indirect vapor injection designJin-Chang Lai; Win-Jet Luo; Jyun-Yi Wu; Dini Faridah; Chia-Ming Lin; Fikri Rahmat Fasya; Muhammad Nuriyadi; Wen-Bin Ng
Jun-2018Evaluation and comparison the performance of titanium and zirconium(IV) tetrachloride in textile wastewater treatmentAziz H.A.; Razak M.H.A.; Rahim M.Z.A.; Kamar W.I.S.W.; Abu Amr S.S.; Hussain, S.; Van Leeuwen, J.
2018Controlling corrosion rate of Magnesium alloy using powder mixed electrical discharge machiningRazak, M.A.; Rani, A.M.A.; Saad, N.M.; Littlefair, G.; Aliyu, A.A
2018Effect of post heat treatment on the microstructure and microhardness of diffusion coupled gray cast iron and low carbon steelAyob, F.; Hussain, P.; Awang, M.; Zoolfakar, M.R.; Abdullah, A.; Baharudin, B.A.; Abdul Rahim, A.A.
2018Experiential study on temperature and emission performance of micro burner during porous media combustionJanvekar, A.A.; Abdullah, M.Z.; Ahmad, Z.A.; Abas, A.; Ismail, A.K.; Hussien, A.A.; Kataraki, P.S.; Ishak, M.H.H.; Mazlan, M.; Zubair, A.F.
2018Stability enhancement of high Prandtl number chaotic convection in an anisotropic porous layer with feedback controlMahmud, M.N.
2018Study on the Effect of Diamond Grain Size on Wear of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact CutterAbdul-Rani, A.M.; Sidid, A.A.B.C.; Ab Adzis, A.H.
Feb-2018Remote power control injection of grid-connected power converters based on virtual fluxRoslan, N.F.; Luna, A.; Rocabert, J.; Candela, J.I.; Rodriguez, P.