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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2013Diverssifying Efforts in Meeting The Needs of Our Ever IncreasingZakaria bin Osman
15-Nov-2013Study on Physical Properties of Austempered Ductile Iron Made by Varying Austenizing TimeAzri Hamim Ab Adzis, Mohd Ikhwan Shaharin; Teh Ewe Thong
18-Nov-2013Tensile Properties of Alkaline Treated Coconut Meat Husk Reinforced Polyester CompositesMuhammad Faiz Ghazali, Mohamad Juraidi Jamal; Syed Azuan Syed Ahmad
16-Nov-2013Comparative Study on the Performance and Emission of a Bi-Fuel Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) EngineNor Hisham, Roslan, A.R. M. M.; Edilan, Jufriadi M.M.; Bakar, M.A
15-Nov-2013Reduction of CO Emission in Malaysia Transport Industry: Using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as Alternative FuelOdeta, Edilan M.M P.; Hossain, Bakar, M.A. A.
16-Nov-2013Energy and Economic Analyses of District Cooling Ice Thermal Storage Systems in MalaysiaZulhelmy Abdol Malib, Ir Mohd Hazzah Ahmad Siron; Ahmad Siroji Mohamed Appandi
18-Nov-2013Study of Structural and Thermal Deformation on Ball Screw System (BSS) Using Finite Element Method (FEM)Ruwayda Sidi Ahmad, Wan Mansor Wan Muhamad; Izatul Hamimi Abdul Razak, Mohd Nizam Ahmad
18-Nov-2013An Active Suspension System Appplication in Multi-body Dynamics SoftwareMuhamad Fahezal Ismail, Yahaya Md. Sam; Shahdan Sudin, Kemao Peng; Muhamad Khairi Aripin
15-Nov-2013Dynamic Modeling of a Damaged Exhaust StructureSharafiz Abdul Rahim
18-Nov-2013Comparison between Direct Expansion System and Air-Cooled Chiller System in Block E UniKL MFIYuzzuan Zainol, Mohamad Aizuddin Othman; Zakaria Jusoh, Siti Muzahidah Abdullah