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dc.contributor.authorDahia Andud-
dc.contributor.authorMohd Izzudin Mohd Azhar-
dc.contributor.authorSamsudin Bani, Mohamed Ackiel Mohamed-
dc.contributor.authorSalina Saidin-
dc.contributor.authorKhairulnizam Kasim-
dc.contributor.authorDendi P.Ishak-
dc.contributor.authorWan Amirul Fahmy Wan Zainul-
dc.contributor.authorYupiter HP Manufacturing-
dc.contributor.authorKhairudin Salim-
dc.contributor.authorMohd Kamil Md Said-
dc.identifier.citationAndud, Dahia, Mohd Izzudin, Mohd Azhar, Wan Amirul, Fahmy Wan, H P Manurung, Samsudin Bani, Khairudin Salim, and Mohd Said. 2016. “Simulation Study of Welding Distortion on Multi Pass Welding of the Fillet Joint.” Journal of Science Technology (JSET) 3 (1): 1–5.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis paper investigated the distortion induced by the gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process on the multi pass welding of tubular T joints. Two types of materials used in this study were high strength low alloy steels S355 and S460. In this research, Simufact.Welding 4.0 was used to analyze the distortion behavior of both joints. Goldak's double ellipsoid heat source model was applied since it was a commonly used model for arc welding processes and was readily available within the Simufact.Welding software. Prior to the results and discussions, this paper discussed the procedures to simulate the joining processes, beginning with the creation of the geometry using Catia and meshing in Patran and post processing using Simufact.Welding process. Apart from the comparative analysis, this research was intended to be a baseline study to provide preliminary information on preparing the tools and equipment for further experimental investigation on the multi pass welding.en_US
dc.publisherUniKL Publishingen_US
dc.titleSimulation Study of Welding Distortion on Multi pass Welding of the Fillet Jointen_US
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