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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2014Development of Real Time Identification Management Access System for Pre-CommercializationNoor Hidayah M.Yunus, M. Izzuddin Rosdi; P.D. Abdul Aziz, F.Z Hamidon; UniKL BMI
30-Jul-2015Development of RFID Tagging Reader in Spending Items Plot ManagementNoor Hidayah M. Yunus; S.N. Farahain Yusof; UniKL BMI
31-Mar-2015Development of Smart ECG Machine Using Labview for Biomedical Engineering StudentsAhmad Sabry Mohamad; Hasliza Mohd Noor; UniKL BMI
31-Mar-2015Discrete Time Optimum Power Flow Simulation of 118 IEEE Test Bus with Intermittent GenerationSaharuddin Othman; UniKL BMI
17-Dec-2014An Evidential Network Forensics Analysis Model with Adversarial Capability and LayeringAhmad Roshidi Amran, Amna Saad; UniKL BMI
19-Mar-2015An Evidential Network Forensics Analysis with Metrics for Conviction EvidenceAhmad Roshidi Amran; Amna Saad; Mohd Raziff Abd Razak; UniKL BMI
Sep-2013Gain Stabilization Mechanism Through Dynamic Common Mode Feedback and Gain Booster in Folded Cascode Track and Hold (T/H) CircuitM. Amir Abas, A. Asyraf; UniKL BMI
30-Nov-2016Highly Sensitive Plastic Optical Fiber with Palladium Sensing Layer for Detection of Hydrogen GasP.T. Arasu, A.S.M. Noor; A.L. Khalaf, M.H. Yaacob; UniKL BMI
9-Mar-2017Highly Sensitive Portable Liquid Petroleum Gas Leakage DetectorZ. Mohd. Hussin; M.S. Sulaiman; P.T. Arasu; UniKL BMI
20-Feb-2017Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Waste Water Treatment Plant by Enhancing Performance of anaerabic DigestionM.F. Abdul Hamid; N.A. Eamli; UniKL BMI
30-Jul-2015Initial study of rainfall rates distribution and simulation of terrestrial microwave links using EUMETSAT’s Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimate in MalaysiaHafiz Basarudin; Aizat Faiz Ramli; Ismail Sulaiman; UniKL BMI
6-Dec-2013Investigate the Throughput Performance of IEEE802.11Noor Hidayah ahmad Rusli; Abdul Halim Ali; UniKL BMI
5-Dec-2013Investigating Ultra Violet (UV) Strength against Different Level of Altitude using New Environmental Data Management SystemAbas, Amir M.; M. Dahlui; UniKL BMI
Sep-2011Investigation of Indoor Wireless-N Radio Frequency Signal StrengthAli, Abdul Halim; UniKL BMI
Jun-2011Investigation of Outdoor Fading Model Over Indoor EnvironmentAli, Abdul Halim; Abd Razak, Mohd Raziff; UniKL BMI
31-Mar-2015Issues and Challenges in Implementing Entrepreneurial Students Character Building (SCB) Activities: A Study at UniKL BMINorida Kamaruddin; Sudirman Zainal Abidin; Nur Assila Rozmi; UniKL BMI
23-Sep-2016MIFARE Code Generation for Arduino:Noor Hidayah M. Yunus; Nur Aliah M. Makhali; Hanani M. Nadzirin; P.D.A. Aziz; F.Z. Hamidon; UniKL BMI
Nov-2011Monitoring the Quality of Ozone towards the Prevention of Further Global WarmingAbas, M. Amir; Azim, M.Khusairy; Fadzil, M.Helmi; M.Dahlui; UniKL BMI
Sep-2011A New Rake Receiver Design for Long Term Evolution – Advance Wireless SystemTengku Aziz, Tengku Azita; Ali, Abdul Halim; UniKL BMI
29-Dec-2016Photovoltaic System Integration Where Feed-In Tariff Applied With Improving Return on InvestmentFadi M., Albatsh; Bilal M., Eid; Nasrudin A. Rahim; UniKL BMI