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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Apr-2018Influence of the Characteristics of Malaysia's Small and Medium Enterprises on the "Perceived Ease of Use" of solar Energy TechnologyIzatul Husna Zakaria; Ibrahim, J. A.; Othman, A. A.; (UniKL MITEC)
16-Oct-2018Information Real-Time Delivery (IRTD) System through Internet of Things (IoT): An Improvement in Truck Management EnvironmentAdnan H. B.; Rahimah Kassim; Izatul Husna Zakaria; Hasnah M.; (UniKL MITEC)
24-Apr-2018Introducing Briquette Storage System in Value Chain of Oil Palm Fiber Waste for Optimal Electricity Grid Supply: BiogasIzatul Husna Zakaria; Jafni Azhan Ibrahim; Abdul Aziz Othman; (UniKL MITEC)
15-Nov-2018MALAYSIA SMEs INTENTION BEHAVIOR TO USE SOLAR ENERGY TECHNOLOGYIzatul Husna Zakaria; Adnan Bakri; Md Tareq Hossain; Abdul Aziz Othman; (UniKL MITEC)
6-Jul-2023A Review on Critical Success Factors for Maintenance Management of Laboratory and Workshop Facilities in TVET InstitutionAdnan Bakri; Munir Faraj Almbrouk Alkbir; Nuha Awang; Mohd Zul Waqar Mohd Tohid; Fatihhi Januddi; Mohd Anuar Ismail; Ahmad Nur Aizat Ahmad; Izatul Husna Zakaria; (UniKL MITEC)
24-Apr-2018Routing Model of Oil Palm Fibre Waste toward Gas Fuel Production Supply Chain Management: Malaysia Industry.Izatul Husna Zakaria; Ibrahim, J. A.; Othman, A. A.; (UniKL MITEC)
24-Apr-2018Supply Chain Management Model of Wood Biomass Producing Hydrogen Fuel for Malaysia's Electricity IndustryIzatul Husna Zakaria; Ibrahim, J. A.,; Othman, A. A.; (UniKL MITEC)
24-Apr-2018Waste Biomass toward Hydrogen Fuel Supply Chain Management for Electricity: Malaysia Perspective.Izatul Husna Zakaria; Ibrahim, J. A.,; Othman, A. A; (UniKL MITEC)