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  • Internet Programming

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  • Calon PhD dianugerahkan tokoh belia asean 2019

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  • TVET KPLB bawa cabaran ke WSC 2019

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  • The importance of environmental health

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  • Developing skilled human capital

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  • The Development of Simulation Logic Model that Dealing with Uncertainty for Piping Construction Industry

    Basically, multi processes and activities involve in the piping construction (PC) projects needs to be followed before the project is handed over to the customer or client, called multi-project construction environment (MPCE). In PC, the MPCEs exist where more than one project is m...

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    In the era of high competition and massive information, airport industry are more rely on service quality (SQ) to distinguish themselves from competitors by fulfil customer’s satisfaction. Unfortunately, the inherent characteristics of SQ create the difficulties for service practitioners in custo...

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  • SML-1 Mampu Laras Tempat Duduk Ikut Kecerunan

    Penyelidik UniKL BMI bangunkan kerusi roda automatik mampu milik

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  • Skills to manage automotive trade

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  • Development of Hydroponic Control System by using Arduino for Agriculture

    Hydroponics is a word from a Greek word, “Hydropanos”. “Hydro” means water, and “Panos” means labor, meaning working water [1]. Hydroponics is a technique of growing a plant in water. Literally, this gardening method does not used soil. The hydroponics system will directly supply&#...

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