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  • Internet Programming

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  • The Development of Hardware for DIY Mini Refrigerator via Magnetocaloric Effect

    This report presents the hardware development of DIY mini refrigerator via magnetocaloric effect which require a magnetocaloric material and a changing magnetic field. From the theory, design and electronic component the development is thoroughly discussed in each chapter. For this reason, c...

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  • Detection of Carbon Dioxide and Humidity

    The general purpose of a detection of carbon dioxide and humidity system is threefold, to design and develop sensory instrumentation system by improving the accuracy of monitoring and measuring the carbon dioxide gas, humidity and temperature, to display parameters of carbon dioxide&#x...

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  • Development of Smart Home using Raspberry Pi

    As the project titles implies, Development of Smart Home using Raspberry Pi permits a user to monitor home appliances wirelessly from any places. Besides controlling home appliances, the smart home system also the automation system for electrical appliances inside and outside the house....

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  • The Development of Measuring Distance Tool

    Measuring Distance Tool (MDT) is a system that can measure a distance for industrial user. The actual existing product of measurement is not compatible for today technology. The measuring devices are a basic system that can measure a distance in certain terms. The purpose of&#...

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  • Development of Automatic Garage Controller via IoT

    Nowadays, the implementation of Internet of Things which is also known as IOT, has been used widely in varieties of fields. IOT is a system which is related with computing devices, mechanical machines, digital machines, objects, animals or people that provide unique identifiers. Be...

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  • The Development of Portable Charger Using Wind or Water

    Nowadays, the need of renewable energy is very important. This is because the main energy that is oil and gas becomes more depleting in the coming years. Hence, the need of using renewable to generate electricity is very important. This project is to develop a system ...

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  • Development of Electromyograph Training Module for Education Purposes

    In recent years, a training module is an important feature for student biomedical engineering to identify bio signal or any signal in living cell that can be measured and monitored. Most biomedical training kit is compatible for education process but it is expensive, large in&...

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  • Design and Development of Heatsink for Temperature Controller in Vehicle

    This paper is about design and development of temperature controller using two types of heatsink that installs in vehicle. The interior temperature of vehicle would increase under direct sunlight. It causes bad impact on user comfort and leads to heat stroke incident that could...

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  • A study on Rogue Wireless Devices with Detection of Mousejack Attacks and Vulnerabilities

    A computer can be access unwillingly without the owner’s consent and knowledge by a rogue device through the USB dongle that are plugged to the computer to communicate with wireless mouse and keyboard. Malicious activity can be performed on targeted computer once access is acq...

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